Naturbyn is a different kind of place. Not something you can describe in one sentence. Although we are trying with many pictures and describing texts. The best is to experience it yourself.

What is Naturbyn? Why is Naturbyn? And who built it? These questions will be answered as good as we can.

Naturbyn is the creation of Thomas. He started with a rural piece of land he got from his family and started with one traditionally built log cabin. One became two, and two became many more… On land, floating on water and up in the air between the trees.

Thomas his vision with Naturbyn has always been to built a place where he would like to go himself with his family. Not just another camp site or camping. But a truly peaceful place in nature and relax for a while.

"A truly unique beautiful experience. We had such a peaceful time there. Swimming, canoeing and using the sauna. A little hidden treasure. Thank u Thomas for building this special place."


Back to nature

Naturbyn stands for Nature Village in Swedish. It should allow guests to live in and with nature with just the basic principles that nature has to offer. The four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

People might think that Naturbyn is all about primitive living like in the ancient times. However, the concept of back to basic offers more luxury than prehistoric living. Think of a sauna, a hot tub lighting at night and cultured cooking. Some things that belong to the modern way of spending your holiday.

"It feels like a tiny forest village. You could actually live here all year with a group of friends and survive with basic needs."

Would you like to experience back to basic?

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