Wake up floating around on a lake in your floating log house. The ecologically hand-built log house ‘Dass Bååt’ offers a unique experience to live on water. The houseboat can move freely up to 150 meters on the lake and turns into any direction based on the wind and streams. Every day you will wake up with a different view.

There is no road to this cabin, so you’ll have to paddle with a canoe (included in the rent) from the shore to the house on the lake.

The houseboat has a private terrace and outside kitchen with an open fireplace. So try to catch a fish while enjoying the wonderful lake view and if you catch any, you can directly grill it for diner. Cooking equipment for preparing your meal on open fire is provided.

This beautiful house on water offers a double bed for 2 persons. Inside you will find a wood stove, dry closet, refrigerator, candles and a paraffin lamp.

"An absolute idyll. What a perfect place! We stayed in the floating cabin, waking up to a view of the lake each day."

Joanna Wallis

Video “Dass Bååt”

Hand-made bed

The robust wooden bed frame is shaped of timber logs. Don't worry, the slatted bed base is very comfortable and doesn't squeak.

Private terrace

Enjoy the amazing views over the lake on your private terrace. In the early morning during sun rise with a fresh cup or coffee or during sun set and watch the red skies along the treetops.

Outside fireplace and inside wood stove

While preparing your diner on an open fire or on the wood stove, you can find all the cooking equipment you need. Try to master the outdoor cooking experience and enjoy the rich flavours of grilling on open fire.

Cutlery and crockery

Everything you need for cooking and eating is available in the floating cabin. Pots and pans to cook with and all the stuff you need for civilized eating and drinking.

Organic linen

We care for human and nature. Everything you see and touch is 100% organic, locally produced and sustainable. A soft linen set can be provided.

No WIFI and no electricity

Do you really need it…? We don't think so. You'll get used to it within a day. You can always bring a solar charger, as there is plenty of sun in this part of Sweden.

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Book you stay at Naturbyn’s houseboat Das Bååt, a unique experience to live in a floating cabin on the beautiful Swedish lake Eldan.

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"Beautiful, peaceful and perfectly close to nature. Get away from the stress of everyday city life."

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